Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I can't think of a good theme. Have some random pictures with commentary.

I would like to know what we were reacting to in this picture, because I am clearly on the attack while Tori...well, scratch that, I don't know what she's doing. At all.

To truly grasp the size of this bowl of ramen, imagine Lake Erie with noodles and bits of fatty pork. I think in the course of eating it, I accidentally poked the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald with 
my chopsticks.

I crashed my bicycle. Several nearby construction workers rushed over to help, but that may have been because in the process of falling over into the gravel, my skirt ripped rather far up my thigh. Merry Christmas, random construction workers. 

I like the gentleman in the front gazing wistfully into the distance. Everyone else is bracing to meet their mighty foe in battle, and he's not even looking, he's just like, "I think I'll rearrange the living room when I get home. Maybe put up some new wall scrolls. I love me some wall scrolls."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


To be clear, I am an adult. I am twenty-one. I have a college degree. I have an apartment, a job, and I pay the bills (except for that one time when I didn't pay my gas bill for three months and all my appliances got turned off, but we don't talk about that).

I had plans for my life after work today. I had things to do, grownup things, that were important... or something. I don't really remember. Because when I got home, this is what happened:

This was terrible for two reasons. One, I was listening to really obnoxious pop music really loudly, and my neighbors were probably clawing at their ears, asking the universe to put an end to their torment.

Two, once the euphoria that only jumping on a bed can produce had faded, I was left feeling like all my adult-y efforts had been undone. I sometimes think adulthood is like the life bar in a video game. You can deplete it by having an awesome time doing ridiculous things, and refill it by completing very boring tasks that are mostly mundane and unreasonable. I had done a huge amount of damage to my adult life points. I had to solve this problem before I had to go to work again, or I might show up in a kitten sweater and pigtails with a wild look in my eyes.

So I did all my dishes. ALL OF THEM, shedding tears all the while.

The end.